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Pumping Services

We operate 2 modern boom pumps with the relevant licenses and fully trained operatives. Both of our pumps carry a range of pipes from 6 inch down to 3 inch flexible to get around those awkward corners. The pumps are capable of going over a house, through hedges and around corners to reach what might otherwise be inaccessible.

Our small pump has a 15m boom and is capable of reaching up to 60m with extra pipes, Whilst the larger pump has a boom reach of 31.5m and can reach up to 80m away. In the instance where the booms are not required, we can take the pipes directly from the pump hopper.

Our operatives do of the work involved in getting the concrete to where you want it, leaving you free to lay it and finish it.

*Always contact us to ensure access is possible for the pumps.

Concrete Calculator

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