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Our lorries are capable of mixing concrete to your exact specification when on site. A range of admixtures are available including, waterproofer, polypropylene fibres, air entraining agent and water reducing agents.

Examples of mixes for various applications are shown below:

Mix Strength Application
P200 C16/20 Blinding, Single Story Foundations etc.
P250 C20/25 Two Story Foundations
P275 C25/30 House Floors
P300 C28/35 Driveways, Footpaths
Industrial and Agricultural
Mix Strength Application
P250 C20/25 Bolt Holes
P300 C28/35 Cattle Housing floors
P320 C35/40 Yard areas
P340 C40/45 Silage/Slurry pits

Use our concrete calculator to get an estimate of how much concrete you require by entering the length, width and depth of the area you wish to concrete.

Concrete Calculator

Use our concrete calculator to work out how much you need to order...