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Mighty Blocks

Mighty Blocks

Our standard concrete interlocking blocks feature 10 interlocking points and are available in a variety of finishes and sizes. Please see the table below:

Length Depth Height
2 interlocking points 300mm 460mm 610mm
4 interlocking points 600mm 460mm 610mm
6 interlocking points 900mm 460mm 610mm
10 interlocking points 1500mm 460mm 610mm

The different sized blocks are required to your rows to interlock correctly. Please call our office for advice on the amount required.
The weight of a full block is approximately 1 tonne and a lifting loop is supplied with each delivery to enable you to move and stack the blocks. We only recommend you stack them up to 7 high.
Decorative faces include random limestone or pebble dash or you are welcome to supply your own stone to finish the blocks and fit in with surroundings.
Delivery can be arrange via a local haulage contractor using crane unload lorries or you are welcome to arrange your own transport to collect them. Our 3rd party haulage company carry up to 28 blocks with crane unload facility. Please call for a quotation on blocks and haulage if required.
We also supply precast concrete gateposts and crash barriers, please call for further information.

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